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I’M GOING TO LOVE FEST~!! who else is going? :) & here’s a throwback photo of my cute girls at love fest last summer ^^ #tbt #thelovefestival #excited (at Kakaako Waterfront Park)

L.A. IN 4 DAYS! :) la people give me suggestions of what to do please! (This kbbq was from my last trip btw) #favoritecity #excited #wanttobeacaliforniagirl

I like to take pictures with my coffee #coffeecommercialsplz #coffeegirl

It’s been a year and look at where we are now. I hope you girls are doing well! I looked through the old photos and remembered how close we got in just a few days. Hopefully we’ll see each other again soon. Wish you all luck in everything you do♥ #DU

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It’s Friday!! What is fun this weekend?!

Have a good day everyoneee :)

Đến giờ phút này đây kô ai là quan trọng với em. Đến giờ phút này đây kô ai là quan trọng nữa đâu. bởi vì anh quân trọng nhất cũng đa lìa xa.. time to sleep and dream some more.. :) good night.

Happy 21st birthday to this cutie!!! @kacieremata celebrating tonight at #vicenightclub #ginza #yay

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Feels weird to be home again.. I had such a fun time in Chicago and LA. Thnx u to all the new friends! Thnx u for the wonderful memories. See u guys again soon ♥

Weekend in L.A.~! #byechicago

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SEE YOU IN 3 DAYS CHICAGO!! :) then LA June 13-15 ^-^ (I would like to apologize in advance if I spam u with food pictures/selfies on snapchat, ig, and fb)

Lunch yesterday - 3 girls and 7 trays of meat, combo sets, cheese wonton, and more.. we went to #gyukaku 2 times in 1 day haha. (at Gyu-Kaku Kapiolani)

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Yummm *w* (ahi steak, uni pasta, and cheese gyoza) (at Chez Kenzo)

From Thursday ^-^ thnxxxxxx

Hey :) I'm Hai Au, name at home. My legal name is too hard for people to pronounce so i don't want to post it up ;x
I am from Hong Kong, currently living in Hawaii ^ ^ I will be one year older this upcoming christmas~! I like to meet new people, and I also like a lot of other things ^ ^ If you want to know more about me, please feel free to ask :)