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My Story~

I slept well & woke up happy. Today will probably be a good day :) #weekendstartstoday #yay #funplans #funweekend

Was a good breakfast~ byeee @juskimbob !! thank you for being my drinking partner and always being down to go out, even tho you are a party pooper sometimes (like @jordanswhl). #weactuallywokeup #nightpeople #onlyhangoutatnightcrew (at Koko Head Cafe)

Got my tickets to love fest and kaskade~!! Can we pls see each other there? And take lots of pictures together!!

Nice to see you again! @dumbfoundead (at Ginza Night Club)

Always wondered about this restaurant. Thank you @davidyn21 !! :) #salmon #chutoro #uni #tofu #mochi #izakayaGazen (at Gazen Bar & Grill)

Finally got to eat here on Friday!! But I didnt take pictures of my food so here’s someone else’s haha. #ILOVESTEAK #crossofflist (at The Signature Prime Steak & Seafood)

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Yesterday was fun lol what to do tonight? #labordayweekend #YAYnoschool!

You can’t get enough of us on your newsfeed~ (at Choon Chun Shaka Shaka)

B O Y . How do I look with this style lol. Thank you for the beanie @juskimbob :) #boylondon #bandana #justinkimStyle

I cant believe summer is over. This was probably the best summer yet! Met and hung out with amazing people. Thank you ^-^ i dont want to go back to school on tuesday…

Pho @ the pig and the lady. Very different from other pho :) (at The Pig and the Lady)

Finally got to try here :)

Bacon wrapped enoki made by chef Richard (I sort of helped haha)

Uni pasta made by chef kevin (I sort of helped hehe)

Aching. And sick. Worst feeling ever ):

Hey :) I'm Hai Au, name at home. My legal name is too hard for people to pronounce so i don't want to post it up ;x
I am from Hong Kong, currently living in Hawaii ^ ^ I will be one year older this upcoming christmas~! I like to meet new people, and I also like a lot of other things ^ ^ If you want to know more about me, please feel free to ask :)